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Who is GILG?

GILG was formed in December 2008. GILG is a membership organisation representing heavy industry in Gladstone in areas of cumulative interest or impact. 

Member companies have publicly committed to continuous improvement in the areas of environment, health and safety, employment and infrastructure, whilst ensuring an open and transparent relationship with the Gladstone community built on mutual trust.

Take a look at our Code of Conduct for more information.

Industry in Gladstone

Gladstone is home to several world scale industries including alumina, aluminium, cement, manufacturing, power and liquified natural gas, as well as one of Australia’s largest and busiest deep water ports.

Balancing the needs of industry, the Gladstone community and the natural environment, is what makes Gladstone such a unique town and region.

Since 1967 Gladstone has been the host of heavy industry. The introduction of heavy industry to the region breathed a new life into Gladstone and it is now an important contributor to the the wealth of Queensland and its people.

The heavy and supporting industries of Gladstone have contributed significantly to the resources of the State, and have provided direct and indirect employment opportunities for tens of thousands of Australians during the last 50 years.

In order for the benefits of Industry to be retained, the businesses concerned must have a sustainable future. Gladstone Industry must be sustainable in all aspects of their business, including financial, environmental and community. 

The changing marketplace and the increased focus on environmental expectations has seen Industry respond with technology and innovation. The result is that many Gladstone companies demonstrate world's best practice - not just in production, but also in their environmental safeguards.

Industry is focused on a more dynamic and innovative future ensuring its and Gladstone's prosperity for years to come.