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GILG is committed to being an active member of the Gladstone community, creating two way relationships built on mutual trust and focused on the long term sustainability of Gladstone and its industries.

Our aim is to build enduring long term positive relationships with the Gladstone community focused on delivering mutual benefit to Gladstone and Industry.

We do this through engaging with the community in an open and transparent manner, ensuring GILG understands the issues and concerns of the Gladstone community, and that the community understands the issues and concerns of Industry. Where appropriate, GILG seeks to build partnerships with community groups, community leaders, and Local, State and Federal Government to address these issues and concerns.

GILG is committed to positive and socially responsible action to support the community.

Did you know that GILG runs community perception surveys to better understand your concerns around industry?

Want to see the reports? Click here and go to resources.