Economic Development

GILG is working collaboratively with a range of organisations in Gladstone focused on supporting economic diversification.

For a community to be economically sustainable, it cannot be reliant on one industry or sector. Communities need to be able to grow and remain stable when one or more sectors are suffering from a downturn. Gladstone has for a long time been a proud industry town, but as we move into a tough time with all commodity prices at a low, what can be done to ensure that our community is resilient to these changes?

GILG is working in collaboration with a number of community leaders and organisations to identify ways and actions to support and enhance growth in Gladstone outside of heavy industry.

We are looking to transform Gladstone from an ‘industry town’ to a ‘town with industry’ so that fluctuations in the global marketplace are less acutely felt in the Region. To do this we are building on the Vision 2035 project which provides the Gladstone Region's community vision for the future.

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Setting the plan for the future


In 2015 the Vision 2035 was completed. The aim was to capture where you, the Gladstone community, see the Gladstone Region in twenty years’ time. The report now serves as a guiding document for planning in Gladstone. Want to know more? Click on the image to the right.

Vision 2035