Gladstone Harbour

Boyne River
Aerial of Gladstone Harbour
Reg Tanna Terminal

GILG and its members are committed to ensure that the Gladstone Harbour is an effectively managed working harbour minimising its impacts on the water quality and ecology of our waterways.

Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership (GHHP)

GHHP is a forum to bring together parties including community, Industry, science, Government, statutory bodies and management interested in the health of Gladstone Harbour.  

The guiding principle of the Partnership is: Through rigorous science, provide open, honest and accountable annual reporting of the health of the Gladstone Harbour.

These reports and any subsequent action is clearly communicated to the Gladstone community. The aim of this program is to ensure a clear understanding of the health of Gladstone Harbour.

The Partnership has released two report cards to date, the pilot report card in 2014 and a report card in 2015. These report cards, and the technical reports that support them, were developed by an independant science panel with the remit to provide a holistic, transparent and accurate account on the state of the Gladstone Harbour.

Port Curtis Intergrated Monitoring Program (PCIMP)

PCIMP is the first collaborative monitoring program for the whole of Port Curtis.

Established by a consortium of 16 Industry, Government and research members, PCIMP provides a coordination of monitoring activities among stakeholders of Port Curtis, with a focus on sharing information to improve our capacity to manage our natural resources in a sustainable and balanced way.

This includes the provision of monitoring data to GHHP to help inform the independant science panel.

PCIMP was established in 2001 and has in that time accumulated a wealth of information about our harbour. This information allows for informed decisions on the best way forward to ensure that Industry, community and the environment can co-exist effectively.


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