Positive Performance Rating for Gladstone Industry

Gladstone Industry Leadership Group CEO Patrick Hastings said the results reinforce the commitment of GILG’s members to the long-term sustainability of Gladstone, its community and environment.


“The survey results indicate that the Gladstone community is happy with the performance of industry and has noted significant improvements across a number of areas such as environment and communication since 2014,” Mr Hastings said.


“The community is also keen for industry to continue to improve its environmental performance and we are committed to continuing to build on our results in this area.”


The 2017 Report builds on the 2014 Report (see graph below), but also includes for the first time the three Curtis Island LNG companies, as well as a gauge of Industry’s senior management teams.


“We perform this survey every few years as a way of ensuring that we continue to improve our operations and understand the priorities and concerns of the community,” Mr Hastings said.


The full survey results are available here.