What Does Gladstone Think Of Industry?

Gladstone Industry Leadership Group (GILG) every few years undertakes an independent and random survey of Gladstone residents to better understand what the community thinks of our members and where they feel we are doing well and where we need to improve. This helps us better focus our energies to ensure that we continue to be good, respectable and responsive members of the Gladstone region. This report is made public on the GILG website (www.gilg.com.au). Below is a snap shot of some of the feedback Gladstone provided.

The community perception of Gladstone Industry has improved significantly from 2014 - 2017. Below are two graphs, the first shows the responses of participants to a range of areas they were asked about. The second compares those responses to the responses from 2014. Want the full report? Click here.

Perception of the community regarding GILG member companies.png Comparison of community perception across 2014 and 2017 survey.png