Don't meet Gladstone Hospital Staff by Accident these Holidays

The Gladstone Industry Leadership Group (GILG) is urging all Central Queenslanders to take care this Christmas as they prepare for the 2016 summer break.

Patrick Hastings, CEO of GILG said that over the festive season, people tend to let their hair down and take unnecessary risks to their personal safety and the safety of others.


“Last Christmas day, Gladstone Hospital’s Emergency Department treated a surprisingly large amount of adults and children. 


“New Year often gets even busier with too many people admitted with injuries ranging from the minor to life-threatening.


“That’s why this holiday season, we’re calling on Gladstone workforces to take their safe work practices home with them to ensure the season remains festive.


“Sometimes safety isn’t at the top of everyone’s list of priorities during the chaos of the holiday season.


“But it should be because even the simplest of tasks can put people at risk, from hanging lights, to barbequing shrimps on a searing hotplate or just sitting by the pool to catch a few rays.  


“We want the people of Gladstone to stay safe and take time consider the proper precautions.


“No one wants to spend Christmas or New Year in a hospital, but each year, hospital staff see an increase in a range of presentations varying from the serious such as road accident trauma to sporting accidents and acute sunburn,” he said.


“Whilst it may not be top of mind, safeguarding yourself and your family from the hazards of the holidays can help everyone join in on the fun and return to the workforce free of injury in 2017.


“I strongly encourage people to take proper care of themselves, their loved ones and others during the festive season, and please, don’t meet Gladstone’s hospital staff by accident.”


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